Optimizing an Existing Website with the Mobile Website Builder

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Optimize your existing website to the view of a smartphone or tablet. Visitors to your site can see them on their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Step 1

Log on to the IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Hosting section, click IONOS Mobile Sitebuilder.

step 3

Start the Mobile Website Builder with Create Mobile Website.

Step 4

Select an existing website as the source and define a domain for the mobile website. Then click Submit.

Step 5

The now Mobile Website Builder analyzes, imports and optimizes your existing website.

Step 6

Check your company details and change them if necessary. Then click Next - Step 3.

Step 7

You can now start editing your website. Start personalization by clicking OK.

Step 8

Under Functions you can add information on how to find us by clicking on Add.

Step 9

Under Tools, click Add to use cookies, for example. Complete the processing with Finish.

Step 10

Your mobile website has been successfully created. You can call it up directly with Display Site and, if required, generate another code for forwarding.