MyWebsite Now helps you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically create images for your website project. This article explains how to create this content and add it to your website.

Please Note

Image creation with AI is not included in all MyWebsite Now packages.

Opening the MyWebsite Now Editor

Creating and Inserting AI Images

  • Click Content in the menu bar of the MyWebsite Now editor.
  • Hover your mouse over the details pane and add an image element. The Help Center article Inserting and editing content in your MyWebsite Now explains how.
  • Alternatively: Use an existing image element for the next step.
  • Click the image element you want to use. The image toolbar appears.
  • In the Image toolbar, click Replace > Create with AI.
  • Enter as accurate and comprehensive a description of your image idea as possible. The AI creates an image based on this.

After the image is created, it is available in your MyWebsite Now image gallery under Uploaded. AI-generated images also have a flag in the gallery display.