For MyWebsite Now

After you have decided on a website template, you will find more settings in your MyWebsite Now editor to change the appearance of your website.

You can edit the colors, fonts, shapes, and spacing in the Design section.

Design options

All changes are visible in the editor immediately, so you can also just experiment with the options to see what effect each setting has right away.


In the Design > Colors section, you can define the basic colors of your website. Predefined color themes are available, or you can create your own custom color theme in the Custom tab.

A color theme consists of three accent colors for buttons, titles, and navigation elements, and two spot colors, dark and light, used for text and backgrounds.

After selecting a theme, four light and dark variations are available. You can also apply variations to individual sections. Try them all to find the perfect variation for your site.

Design > Colors


In the Design > Fonts section, you can choose the fonts to be used and determine the text size in relation to the other design elements.

You can select fonts using predefined font pairs. Each font pair contains one font for headings and other text (descriptions, links, buttons). The fonts have been carefully matched by our design experts to ensure a high-quality appearance with high readability.

Design > Fonts


Shapes affect the way transitions between sections and images are displayed.

Give your website a special look by using shapes other than the usual squares and rectangles for your content elements. For example, jagged shapes or clouds.

Design > Shapes


With this setting, you can define how much distance (free space) there is between individual elements (images, text, etc.) of your website.

Choosing the right spacing can improve the overall appearance and usability of a website. Good readability is not only important across devices and platforms, but it also improves accessibility.

Design > Spacing