MyWebsite Now helps you create your website with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article explains how to implement your entire online project using AI.

Please Note

The AI-supported creation dialog is available the first time it is opened or after a reset of MyWebsite Now.

Creating a Website Completely with AI

Open the Presence Suite through your IONOS account. The creation dialog starts automatically if you do not have an active MyWebsite Now yet. In the dialog with the MyWebsite Now AI, you enter basic information about the desired appearance of your website:

Content Information

  • Name of your company or planned website
  • Branch or topic: Several entries are possible here.
  • Descriptive text about your company or project.
  • Tone of voice for the text of the planned website, e.g. inspirational or professional
  • Contact information, e.g. phone number or address

Graphical Specifications

Based on these specifications, several custom website designs will be created for you. The designs can be further modified and refined.

Creating Website with Templates

In contrast to AI-assisted website creation, website templates use pre-built websites for industries or specific topics. Here, customization of the placeholders used for texts and images is required.

You select website creation via templates in the first step of the creation dialog.

You can find additional information on how to use AI functionalities of MyWebsite Now for templates in the following articles: