Alternative Text Descriptions for MyWebsite Images

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For the Website Builder and MyWebsite

You can add an alternative description (alternative text) to your images.

This additional information is read by search engines and can lead to better search results.

It is also used by screen readers and thus helps visually impaired people to experience the content of the image.

In the IONOS search engine service we take over this step of optimization for you.

Please note: After submitting the MyWebsite to search engines, the ranking in the search results depends on many different factors of the individual search engine providers such as Google and Bing.

This article describes a function of the editor that was ordered before 09/06/2017.
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Step 1
Step 2

Click on the image - it opens the menu bar. Click here on Labeling.

Step 3

Now enter the alternative text for the image.

Example for header area

Click on the header of your website. In the Title screen tab, select Alternative text. Then enter the alternative text for your title screen in the free field.