Change the Domain Connected to Managed WordPress

If your domain name changes, you can quickly and easily make your Managed WordPress website available under the new domain.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Hosting section, click App Center.

Step 3

Each installed application is displayed in the App Center.

The SSL status shows you whether your domain is protected by SSL encryption:

  • Green lock symbol: SSL encryption is active.
  • Red lock symbol: SSL encryption is not active.

If you switch from a domain with SSL to a domain without SSL, the SSL certificate is not automatically changed. However, you can reassign the SSL certificate at any time. Here the article helps you: Assign SSL certificate to another domain.


Please note: SSL certificates are already available in many IONOS contracts. We will provide this feature free of charge for existing contracts in the coming weeks.

Click Change domain for the desired application.


Step 4

Now select your domain. If the selected domain no longer has SSL encryption, you will receive the following message:

  • Data transmission between your website and your visitors is no longer protected by encryption.
  • Your ranking on Google may deteriorate as Google rates SSL encryption positively.
  • Calling up your domain in the browser changes from http:// to https://.

You can also create a new subdomain directly here. As soon as you enter a term, the system informs you about the options available with your domains. Click Change domain to apply the change.

Step 5

The change is then immediately displayed in the overview. However, it can take several minutes until all systems are updated and your website is accessible using the new domain.

Please note: You can find your FTP connection data in IONOS. Log in to IONOS and select the desired contract if necessary. Then click Hosting and Secure FTP Access. Manage secure FTP access