Setting up Usercentrics App and Managing Cookie Banners

For MyWebsite Creator

With the Usercentrics App, you can easily integrate the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform into your website.

What is a Consent Management Platform?

A Consent Management Platform (short CMP) is a software allowing website operators to obtain and store the data protection consent provided by your visitors via a banner or a pop-up, before these user data will be collected by website scripts (tracking).

What functions does the Usercentrics App offer?

Usercentrics is one of the leading Consent Management Platforms. Using the Usercentrics App, you can quickly and easily provide your MyWebsite with a GDPR-compliant cookie consent solution. Usercentrics automatically recognizes the services used on the website, e.g. Google Analytics, and provides this information to your visitors via a cookie banner. The cookie banner enables your visitors to grant and manage their consent to use the services. The Usercentrics app supports multiple languages and offers you various options of banner customization.

Please note

This article describes how to set up the free basic version of the Usercentrics App. A paid app with extended functionality will be available soon.

Setting up the Usercentrics App

To set up the Usercentrics App, you must first add the app via My apps. The setup will then start automatically. During the setup process, you can configure the cookie banner. The banner will then be automatically integrated into your website and will be displayed the next time the website is published.

  • Open the MyWebsite Editor to edit your website.
  • Click My apps in the left navigation bar.
  • Click + Add in the Usercentrics tile.
    The page Add Usercentrics App is being displayed.
  • Click Add.
    You will receive confirmation that Usercentrics has been added to your website.
  • Read the recommended steps and click Got it to begin setup.
  • Click Start Setup.
    The app will now analyze your website for the tracking technologies it uses. This may take a moment.
  • You will receive a list of the tracking technologies found. Click on Confirm configuration.
  • Fill in all the necessary information and select the desired settings for your cookie banner. You can always change the settings again later.
  • Click Save settings to complete the setup and embed the cookie banner in your website.

Please note

In order for the cookie banner to appear on your website, you will need to re-publish your My Website.

Disable Cookie Banner

If you no longer want the cookie banner to be displayed on the website, you have to remove the Usercentrics app:


If you remove the Usercentrics App, all settings will be deleted!

  • Open the MyWebsite Editor.
  • Click My apps in the left navigation bar.
  • Click Options and info in the Usercentrics tile.

  • Click Remove.
    The Remove Usercentrics page appears.
  • To remove the Usercentrics App click Remove.

The cookie banner will now automatically be removed from your website. It is not necessary to republish the website. However, you can reactivate the banner at any time by adding the Usercentrics App again.