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Just in time for the start of the new EU Consumer Directives (VRRL), we have made new features available to you for your Online Store. These are coordinated with well-known portals such as Trusted Shops, Protected Shops and Janolaw in the course of the VRRL.

You can use the following functions in your ###E_SHOP###administration interface:

  • Installation of a checkbox for the confirmation of the waiver of the right of withdrawal in the online shop

  • Download a standard form to exercise your right of withdrawal in PDF format

  • Several different cancellation instructions can be managed and automatically sent by email depending on e.g. product type or shipping method

Please note: There is no way to have a single, suitable cancellation policy displayed directly in the shopping cart order completion. Due to the large number of theoretically possible combinations of mandatory information, e.g. the inclusion of the shipping method or the allocation via product groups, we are unfortunately unable to offer you an automated solution for this.

In the future, we will also inform you about innovations in the EU Consumer Rights Directives on the IONOS Blog and on our community pages.