Our goal is to ensure the reliable operation of your ecommerce package, as well as provide assistance with all IONOS-based interfaces, products, and questions.

Please contact support to request assistance. You can reach us at 1-484-254-5555. The representative will determine the feasibility and provide a cost estimate for services outside the scope of support (if applicable).

Online Shop Services

Purchase of the online shop  
Explanation of the functions and advantages of the online shop  
Walkthrough of how to setup up your online shop account without doing content creation  
Explanation on how your domain works with the Online Store  
Explanation of the operation of the Online Store  
About Adding/Deleting Web Pages  
Explanation of how to add/delete content (words and images)  
Explanation of how to add products to your shop  
Explain where your shipping and payment options are  
Explanation of the individual menu items  
Explanation the feature list and inform about which features were are supporting and which not  
Creating and deleting Web pages for you  
Adding content to your online store (copy, images, video)  
Adjusting images (quality, color, size, aspect ratio)  
Customise online store templates  
Add custom code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) to your website  
Configure your shipping and payment options  
Upload files to your online store