MyWebsite Not Found on Google - robots.txt

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For the Website Builder and the MyWebsite

For those MyWebsiteordered before 06.09.2017.

If you hide individual pages of your MyWebsite in the navigation, Google cannot correctly display the description of your website.

Google's search results will display your site with a note.

One possible reason for this is that you have hidden one or more pages in the navigation of your MyWebsite.

If you hide a page in the navigation, it cannot be listed by Google. A disallow entryis automatically set in robots.txt. This means that certain files and directories should not be indexed by Google. Therefore the entry can lead to a bad ranking in search engines.

By calling your domain with robots.txt you can check if a page has a disallow entry. To do this, enter e.g. in the address line of your browser. The entry could then look like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Seite1/Unterseite1/
Disallow: /Seite1/Unterseite2/
Disallow: /Seite2/
Disallow: /Seite3/Unterseite/
Disallow: /agb/
Disallow: /impressum/

Please note: The lines User-agent, Sitemap and all with your domain name are always stored. These cannot be removed.

If you hide the first page or start page, all pages of your presence get a disallow entry. This also applies if you hide a page, then all subpages are also entered.

To ensure that your individual pages are listed correctly again, we recommend that you display the hidden page in the navigation.

For the changes to take effect, the search engine robots must first re-index the page. If you have a Google Account, you can do it yourself.