Changing the Domain Connected to Managed WordPress

If your domain name changes, you can quickly and easily make your WordPress website available under the new domain.

  • Log in to IONOS and click on the Websites & Stores tile.

  • Click Manage Website under the desired website.

  • In the Domain (Internet Address) section, click the gear icon and select Change domain.
  • Now select your domain. If the selected domain no longer has SSL encryption, you will receive the following message:

    • The data transfer between your website and your visitors is no longer protected by encryption.

    • Your ranking on Google may deteriorate because Google's SSL encryption is positively rated.

    • The call of your domain in the browser changes from http:// to https://.

    • You can also create a new subdomain directly here. As soon as you enter a term, the system informs you about the options available with your domains.
  • Click Save to accept the change.
  • Afterwards, the change will be shown immediately in the overview. However, it may take a few minutes until all systems are updated and your website can be accessed with the new domain.