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Group Chat By Spike

More than email.

Better than chat.

Drop the formality and crank up your productivity.
Spike brings your workplace together. No more separate apps—just one easy way to collaborate with anyone.
Exclusively at IONOS
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Compare Group Chat by Spike and Slack

Price per user
Free for IONOS users
Searchable messages
Send messages to non-users
Based on existing email
Multiple account search

* Comparison made on August 26, 2019 with Slack's Standard plan using list prices and features included with plans/packages for both products. Comparison is provided for information purposes only. The Slack name is property of Slack Technologies Inc. and is being used only for the express purposes of this comparison. The IONOS mark is a trademark of 1&1 IONOS SE. All rights reserved.

Group chat your way to easy collaboration

Spike transforms your existing email into a simple chat conversation. And because it's based on email, anyone with an email address can join the conversation at any time.

Group chat made productive

Just one app

No need to download new software, messengers or other workplace chat apps for team communication.

In real time

Instant access and real-time replies make your project easier to manage than ever before.

Open communication

Chat with anyone inside or outside your organization, even if they don't have Spike. This email messenger knows no boundaries.

Communicate with more than just words

Inject a little fun into the conversation: Add GIFs, emojis, videos, drawings, voice notes, cloud files, share your location and even translate. Spike makes workplace messaging fun.

Multi-media workplace messaging

Voice and video calls

Find your contact, click and call. It’s all built in. No external platforms needed. It's all fully integrated.

Voice notes

Tired of writing long messages? With Spike you can instantly send your comments, notes or ideas with a voice message. Your fingers will thank you!

File management

Instantly find and share (even from the cloud!) all from your conversation. Get advanced file preview right inside your messages without having to download the file or leave the conversation.

Group chat on the go

Spike works with all your devices, email clients, web browsers and operating systems.

What else can I do with Spike?

Advanced search

Find anything you need in seconds. Search by subject, keyword or the name of the person you're looking for without opening a single message.

Priority inbox

Spike's no-hassle Priority Inbox organizes and keep all your important communications front and center. Incoming messages are sorted according to relevance, so junk never gets in the way.


Don't have time to answer right now? Set it and forget it! Simply swipe any email and pick a day or time that's more appropriate. Spike will remind you when it's time to answer.

Easy email encryption

Arm your message with extra security whenever you need it. Encrypted messages are visible to all participants using Spike and one tap away for non-Spike users.

An inbox united

Keep your personal and professional email accounts in one, easy-to-manage inbox. You'll never miss another message...unless you want to.


Never miss another meeting or appointment. Spike’s calendar merges all your events in one place so you never have to switch between apps again.

Email messenger by Spike – FAQ

Spike is the world's first conversational email. This collaboration workspace messenger turns existing email into simple, chat-like conversations. It brings all your communication together. You and your team can manage all of their productivity tools — emails, group chats, calls, team collaboration, tasks, scheduling and more — all from this unique workspace in your email inbox.
The same way you would message anyone with your traditional email! Spike is open to everyone. Communicate and collaborate with ANYONE — regardless of which email they use. Using your existing email, message anyone, as long as they have an email address. We recommend inviting them to Spike so you can enjoy all the benefits of real-time awareness together, including group chat and voice and video calls. Just send them a message like you would with a regular email. You'll see it in Spike, and they'll see it just like regular email. Spike lets you message freely within your organization or externally to any contact or client.
Spike works with IONOS email, Gmail, O365, and IMAP accounts. It doesn't matter what email provider the person you're messaging has, your communication will be seamless, extremely fast and secure.
Spike works on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, with any email client and with all web browsers.
We know how important the privacy and security of your data is, that's why all your data is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm. Our encryption uses a unique key for every message, meaning ALL your data receives the highest level of security.
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