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Cloud servers with root access, powered by Intel® Xeon® CPUs and SSD SAN storage.

Configure your own powerful cloud servers

Running your own custom servers is simple on the IONOS Cloud platform. Launch a cloud server in just 55 seconds, and only pay for what you use with highly flexible, minute-based billing. All resources are dedicated to you and scalable on demand, ensuring ideal performance for your sites and applications.

Spin up a cloud server in 55 seconds

Superfast setup lets you launch a new cloud server in as little as 55 seconds. Quickly build your infrastructure with servers that are ready to use instantly.

Scale resources on demand

Resources are dedicated to your cloud servers. Flex your CPU vCores, memory, and SSD storage to get the performance you need, whenever you need it.

Use a range of powerful features

IONOS Cloud includes all the tools you need. Optimise your cloud servers with load balancers, unlimited traffic, and a wide choice of Linux and Windows operating systems.


Choose your IONOS Cloud package

Now with all packages: $100 starting credit for the first month

Cloud M

1 vCore CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors



$0.014 /hour

= max. $10/month

Cloud L

2 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors



$0.028 /hour

= max. $20/month

Cloud XL

2 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors


120 GB SSD

$0.042 /hour

= max. $30/month

Cloud XXL

4 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors


160 GB SSD

$0.083 /hour

= max. $60/month

Cloud 3XL

8 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors


240 GB SSD

$0.194 /hour

= max. $140/month

Cloud 4XL

12 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors


360 GB SSD

$0.347 /hour

= max. $250/month

Cloud 5XL

16 vCores CPU
Intel® Xeon® Processors


500 GB SSD

$0.486 /hour

= max. $350/month

IONOS Cloud Flex package – configure your customized IONOS Cloud

With the Flex package you can select the amount of CPU vCores, RAM, and SSD storage according to your needs. You can adjust your configuration in the Cloud Panel at any time – meaning you remain flexible in any situation.

Cloud Flex


1 - 16 vCore
Intel® Xeon® Processors

1 - 128 GB RAM

20 - 500 GB SSD

from $0.022 /hour

= $15.84/month

Included with all IONOS Cloud packages

Intuitive cloud control panel and full API

The IONOS Cloud Panel makes it easy to scale resources and add additional servers to your cloud infrastructure. With the fully documented API, all available Cloud Panel actions can be performed through third-party applications.

Choice of operating system

Choose from the latest Linux and Windows OS versions including Windows Server 2016. The Cloud Panel also provides a wide range of easily launched server templates and applications.

Plesk Onyx

Take advantage of streamlined server administration with a Plesk Onyx control panel. The helpful interface makes it easy to manage server functions, updates, user accounts and maintenance.

Secure cloud servers

Certified US data centers

  • Select a data center in the USA, UK, or Europe—all with top reliability and security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

Two-factor authentication

  • Add an extra layer of security with 2FA. A login code is sent to your smartphone, denying access to anyone without your username, password, and unlocked mobile device.

Firewall, SIEM and IDS/IPS

  • Rely on strong defenses for your projects. Our central firewall, as well as the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, protect your cloud servers from attack.

Ideal uses for IONOS Cloud

Running a website or application with variable traffic

Scaling up resources for a startup with growing demand

Transferring workloads from on-premises systems to the cloud

As a cost-effective platform for multiple cloud server projects

Total cost control

Always keep track of expenses – even for complex and growing projects – with fully transparent pricing and ongoing cost estimates.

Billing by the minute

IONOS Cloud tracks usage and billing by the minute. Configure your CPU vCores, RAM and SSD storage on a per-minute basis to only pay for what you need.

Interactive invoice

Easy-to-navigate invoices provide clear cost summaries and estimates, allowing you to efficiently plan and manage your spending on an ongoing basis.

Start or stop at any time

Deploy, shut down or adjust the resources of your cloud servers at any time. With no minimum contract term or upfront costs, your options are always open.

Convenient extra features

Secure backups

Our industry-leading backup feature encrypts and stores your data at a physically separate data center. Backups can be scheduled at specific times (e.g. every Wednesday at 3 am).

Unlimited email accounts

An IONOS Cloud package lets you create an unlimited number of email addresses using the included domain name – ideal if you have a team of employees.

2 GB online storage

You get an extra 2 GB of online storage space with your IONOS Cloud package. This is perfect for business-critical documents that need to be accessible from anywhere.

By your side: your personal consultant

At 1&1 IONOS, we believe that high-end products and tailored advice belong together. That’s why we offer every customer their very own personal consultant free of charge.

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