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I would like to rent a root server–what are my options?

Full root access for vServers, dedicated servers, and the IONOS Cloud

My options with a root server

A server with root access is the perfect choice for your project, provided you have the technical expertise and the necessary time. Although managed solutions ease the workload, they do place excessive restrictions on your flexibility, especially in more complex projects.

  • Freely configurable:

    As a root server admin, you will enjoy maximum flexibility and handle all tasks yourself.

  • Remote maintenance:

    Administrators can control and manage the root server from any workstation around the world.

  • Windows or Linux:

    You can pick from a variety of Windows operating systems and Linux distributions.

Virtual private server (vServer) with root permissions–the inexpensive root server

A VPS or vServer lets you enjoy the benefits of a root server at a very favorable price: install Apache, MySQL, PHP, or others; use FTP to upload your CMS software to the server, for instance WordPress or Drupal, and then install it yourself. Write your own applications and run them on your web server. If you like, you can also install a mail server with more options than the preinstalled program.
A VPS is a virtualized server that shares the storage space of a single hard drive with other VPS. This is one of the reasons why VPS are available at such affordable prices.


Dedicated server = root server

A dedicated server is not virtualized, so the CPU, RAM, and storage space are exclusively available to you. And while this is noticeable in the price, it does give you the certainty that the server belongs entirely to you—a security aspect that shouldn’t be sniffed at. In addition, the IONOS Dedicated Server comes with a few more features than the VPS, for instance the serial console and shell access.

IONOS Cloud with root access

One of the many other options that IONOS Cloud provides for more complex projects, besides full root access, is the use of software development kits (SDKs), a load balancer, and a fully-documented programming interface.  Pay-as-you-go ensures that you only incur costs for services that you actually use.

Summary: renting the right root server, tailored to your project requirements

Root servers give you complete freedom to manage your servers.

This added flexibility can be highly interesting for companies and private users alike.

While companies can configure their entire infrastructure on the root server, individual users tend to rent inexpensive root servers for websites and blogs, shops, dedicated game servers, and for many other purposes.