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Renting a server from IONOS–a great option for beginners and professionals alike

Are you new to the world of servers? If so, simply rent an inexpensive vServer.
We also have dedicated servers for larger projects.


Renting a server – but which one?

It is worth giving some thought to which server model is best suited for the project at hand when your web presence grows beyond a certain size.

  • Which demands does my project place in the server’s power?

  • Rent a vServer or a dedicated server?

  • Windows or Linux as the operating system?

  • How much money do I want to spend?

The following offers a few pointers to decide which server you should rent to satisfy your requirements.

When renting a vServer (VPS) makes sense:

What are your plans for the server? Do you want to set up a blog to post about your life or build an info page for a charitable cause or NGO? It is unlikely that these ventures will place excessive demands on the CPU (processor) and RAM (working memory), and thus hard drive storage should certainly be enough. The same applies to smaller online games and to installing a TS3 (Teamspeak 3) server as a communication platform. A vServer will be perfectly sufficient for these projects. What’s more, the IONOS VPS grants you root access, giving you a lot of freedom.

It is advisable to rent a dedicated server in the following cases:

The server must be able to handle a lot of visitors when your website experiences increased traffic. Online shops, for instance, tend to place high demands on the stability of server capacities. Many shop owners in the eCommerce segment prefer to know that their customer data is hosted on a server that is not shared with others. A dedicated server with “genuine” root access is the better choice in these cases. Moreover, a dedicated server offers more web server options.

Should I rent a Windows server or is Linux the better choice?

The answer to this question largely depends on two factors. Are you new to server technology and not very interested? In this case, Windows is the easiest option to get where you want to go.
Do you already have experience with Linux or would you like to familiarize yourself with this operating system? If so, Linux gives you more freedoms to configure your server, and you will be using an operating system that is less vulnerable to attacks from the Internet. Linux is also open source and therefore free.

Is renting a server always expensive?

Absolutely not! You can rent vServers and dedicated servers from IONOS at affordable prices. Our pricing models help you pick the package that best suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to start off small—you can easily upgrade to a bigger package with more resources at any time. So why pay more than is absolutely necessary?
The Flex Mode for dedicated servers also lets you assemble a tailored CPU, RAM, and memory package right from the get-go.

Always included: security features and sound advice

Renting a server from IONOS (regardless of whether you pick a vServer or a dedicated server) gives you access to plenty of included services as well:

  • benefit from the included SSL certificate—your customers will appreciate the secure data transfer.
  • Thanks to TÜV certification according to ISO 27001, you can rest assured that your data is perfectly protected and safe.
  • Contact our competent team of experts to receive detailed advice.

Summary: it’s not hard to rent a server ...

... but it does require some thought. And your decision is never hewn in stone: if you start off with a vServer and very quickly realize that a dedicated server would work far better for your purposes, you can switch in the twinkling of an eye. We will gladly assist you, as we are always pleased to watch your project blossom and grow.