IONOS SPF is a setting for your domain that increases the reliability and security of your emails. It helps increase trust in your emails and reduces the likelihood of them being classified as spam.  IONOS SPF is enabled by default for all IONOS-hosted domains.

"SPF" stands for "Sender Policy Framework" and is a security protocol for email communication. Learn more about SPF

Please Note
  • You typically don't have to do anything to benefit from IONOS SPF because IONOS SPF is active by default for all domains hosted by IONOS.
  • If you are having trouble sending emails to Gmail accounts, it may be that the SPF record for IONOS SPF is missing for some reason. In this case, follow the steps below to add SPF to your domain.

Setting Up IONOS SPF

  • Open the DNS settings of the desired domain in your IONOS account.
  • Click Add Record.
  • Click IONOS SPF (TXT).
  • Click Save.

A TXT record for IONOS SPF is now created for your domain. You do not need to do anything else.

  • It may take up to 48 hours for this change to propagate globally and for the SPF record to take effect.
  • If an SPF TXT record already exists for another email service you are using, it is automatically supplemented with the information of the IONOS mail servers.
  • You can change the entry by editing or deleting the TXT record. However, please do this only if you have the appropriate knowledge of the effects it will have. Otherwise, the sending of your emails may be affected.

Use of IONOS SPF with External DNS Service Providers

If you use IONOS email accounts and manage your DNS zone with another provider, you must set up the SPF entry with your DNS provider. To do this, create a TXT record for your domain with the following value:

v=spf1 ~all