If you changed the DNS settings of your domain, you can easily and safely reset them to the IONOS default settings. On the Reset Domain Settings page, you can choose which modified settings should be reset.

These settings can be reset:

  • Assigned Usage Type
  • Nameservers
  • A/AAAA Records
  • TXT Records
  • SRV Records
  • MX Records

Resetting Your Domain Settings

In the Your modified domain settings section, you will find a list of the domain's assigned usage type and any DNS settings you changed, each of which you can select individually to reset. Additionally, each line shows the effect of resetting that particular setting.

The lower section shows you all of the domain settings that already use the IONOS default settings. It is not necessary to reset these settings.

Please note:

  • Once you start the process by clicking Reset Now, you cannot undo it. If necessary, you can simply re-enter any settings that have been reset accidentally.
  • Only the DNS settings that are relevant for the services of IONOS are reset. User-defined DNS records may not be visible in this overview and must be deleted manually. Existing DNS records are displayed in the DNS section of the respective domain. You can delete the DNS record in this section at any time.

Log In and Reset Your Domain SettingsReset Domain Settings

Alternatively, these step-by-step instructions will show you how to navigate the Control Panel yourself.

    Making Sure the Settings Have Finished Resetting

    After you select and confirm the domain settings to be reset, a corresponding message will appear on the detail page of the domain. The DNS settings are then reset to the IONOS default settings, which usually only takes a moment. During the period, the domain will display the status Reset on the domain's Details page.

    You can verify that the process was successful when the status of the domain changes to Active after refreshing the page.

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