You can revoke the cancellation of a domain up to 48 hours before you reach the end of the domain term by enabling automatic renewal. The domain will automatically be extended by an additional year when the term ends.

You can use the button below to enable automatic renewal. You will see the option right after selecting a domain.

Log In and Enable Domain AutorenewalEnable Domain Autorenewal

Reactivating a Cancelled Domain

If the cancellation is already complete, you can you can reactivate most of your domains yourself up to ten days after completing the cancellation. This is useful if your domain was not renewed but you still need it. After the reactivation, the domain will be reconnected to all the products that it was connected with before the cancellation. The domain term and the costs of the domain from before the cancellation also continue to apply.

The domain extension used determines whether the domain can be reactivated.

Reactivate Domain

Recovering the Domain After the Reactivation Period

If the cancellation is already complete and the reactivation period has already passed, you can recover your domain up to 30 days after it was deleted from our systems. This is known as a “redemption grace period” and is defined by ICANN. This grace period allows you to recover your domain at IONOS.

A domain cancellation that is already complete can only be revoked through the IONOS Customer Support.

Please note: Recovering the domain does not recover previously connected mailboxes, subdomains, or other connections and settings. You will have to reconfigure the domain after recovery.

Since recovering a domain requires a significant amount of work, IONOS charges a one-time fee of $90.