Data Collection for MyWebsite Creator, MyWebsite Online Store, and MyWebsite Now Packages

For MyWebsite Creator, MyWebsite Online Store, and MyWebsite Now packages

If you use any software or services of external providers, it is possible that additional data may be gathered. The use of such software is your responsibility. Please understand that we cannot provide you with information about this type of data processing.

Are cookies used by MyWebsite Creator?

Technically required cookies are used as standard. In addition, MyWebsite Creator uses tracking cookies based on the Snowplow Analytics technology. This tool is only used for the technical improvement of MyWebsite products. In the MyWebsite Editor, you can decide whether these should be used. For Snowplow, you will find a text block in the template for your privacy policy.

Consent Request Function

In your MyWebsite Editor, you can activate an external function that obtains consent from your website visitors. Cookies will only be used if you have given the necessary consent. This helps you especially when using external providers. In addition, you can also comply with your transparency obligations when using this cookie consent solution.

You can activate and configure this function in the editor of the MyWebsite Creator under AppStore > Usercentrics Consent Management Platform (CMP).

What information does IONOS store about my website visitors?

Data is collected to be processed by SiteAnalytics. You can find out more about the types of data collected in this article.

If you need help creating your privacy notice page, please read these instructions.