Please note: The following information is only valid for the IONOS Email Marketing product. If you use software or services from external providers, it may happen that further data is processed. The use of such software is your responsibility. Please understand that we cannot give you any information about this kind of data processing.

Is tracking or logging activated?

Yes, for statistical purposes it is tracked whether a newsletter has reached the customer, has been opened and clicked on. However, this information is not evaluated or stored in relation to individual customers.

Which categories of personal data of my users are collected?

All participant data stored in contact lists, such as name and e-mail address, are recorded if they are stored in the contact list by the customer. The tool collects usage data for statistical purposes and to monitor the service.

Why is the data collected?

The data is collected to provide the service on the basis of consent.

What is the retention period for the different types of personal data of my users?

Personal data will be deleted 3 months after closing an account. Event data such as statistics are deleted every 13 months during active use of an account.

Will my users' data be passed on to third parties?

Yes, data will be passed on to our external partner XQueue GmbH:

XQueue GmbH
Christian-Pless-Strasse 11-13
63069 Offenbach

Are my users' data processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area?

No, no data will be processed outside the EU or the EEA.