Have you created your website with a web design applicaiton and want to export your data? Here you can learn how to export your data.

Data export via sFTP

An HTML editor (or web editor) is an application that can be used to create, edit and publish web pages with HTML code, such as:

    NetObjects Fusion
    Adobe Dreamweaver
    Microsoft FrontPage

Have you created your website with an HTML editor and want to export your data? The data export process is usually similar among the various applications, because the programs access your web space via SFTP. To save your data, the following steps are necessary:

    Look up connection data (FTP user name and password) for SFTP
    Install an FTP program
    Saving connection data in the FTP program
    Upload or download files

An overview of your SFTP connection data can be found in your IONOS Control Panel:

Log in and display SFTP connection dataDisplay SFTP connection data

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to download data can be found here.