In order for your MyWebsite domain to be accessible on the Internet, it must be connected to the desired domain. If you do not yet have a free domain, you can order it easily and conveniently at any time.

If you have already selected a domain when ###MYWEBSITE###ordering, the domain will automatically be connected to your website.

In the following cases, however, you will need to manually connect your domain to the MyWebsite:

  • You have ordered the MyWebsite and the domain separately.
  • You have moved the domain into your contract.
  • You want to use your MyWebsite with another, free domain that you have registered with IONOS.
  • You want to use your MyWebsite with an external domain.

Connect an Available Domain with MyWebsite Manually

Simply connect your MyWebsite with a free domain that is in the same contract (preconditions for the use of a domain with IONOS products).

  • Log in to IONOS, click My Products > Websites & Stores and select the desired MyWebsite.
  • Click under Domain (Internet address) on the gear symbol > Connect Domain.
  • Select the desired domain and click on Save.

Log in and Manage MyWebsiteManage MyWebsite

The MyWebsite is now connected to the domain. It may take a few minutes for the change to be active system-wide and for your MyWebsite to be accessible via the domain.