Connecting Your Domain to Facebook

Let visitors access your Facebook profile by using your 1&1 IONOS domain: Our setup assistant applies all of the correct settings for you and establishes the connection automatically with just a single click.

Select a Domain with 1&1 IONOS

Want your Facebook profile or fan page along with your posts to be accessible from your 1&1 IONOS domain? We have made the process so easy that you do not have to enter any settings yourself. Just log in to My 1&1 IONOS and select the domain you wish to connect.

Enter Your Username and You're Done

Enter your Facebook username and click Connect. You do not have to do anything else. Our setup assistant automatically configures the necessary domain forwarding for you.

Online in Just Minutes

The connection will be active in just a few moments. You can access My 1&1 IONOS at any time to manage your domain, delete the connection, or establish a different connection.

The new 1&1 IONOS Help Center with instructions and information about our domain products and services.