In this article, you will learn how to add your IONOS domain in Plesk and connect it to your server.


You have logged in to Plesk as an administrator.

Please Note

This guide was created using Plesk Obsidian version 18.0.34. If you are using an older version of Plesk Obsidian, the information displayed on your screen may differ slightly.

Adding Domain Names to Plesk

  • Click Domains in the navigation bar.

  • Click Add Domain.

  • Under Select domain name, select Registered domain name.

  • In the Registered domain name field, type the domain you want to connect.

  • Optional: If you want to assign the domain to a customer, select the corresponding option.

  • In the Website file location field, select the subscription you want to use.

  • Fill in the required fields. Depending on the selected subscription, the information you can enter may differ.

  • Optional: Enable Git Support.

  • Click OK.

    The domain name is added to Plesk.

Connecting a Domain to Plesk via Domain Connect

You can quickly and easily connect your IONOS domain to Plesk using Domain Connect. Domain Connect is an open standard that allows you to configure DNS automatically.


You are logged into Plesk and are in the Domains section.

  • Click the Link via Domain Connect link.

    The IONOS website opens in a new window.

  • Log in to your IONOS account.

  • Click on Connect.

    Our system will now check if there are any existing DNS settings that need to be adjusted or removed for the connection. If so, the affected settings will be displayed. In this case, you must confirm the change by clicking Connect again. After that, the necessary adjustments will be made automatically, you do not need to do anything else.

Your IONOS domain will be connected to Plesk.

Domain Connect Plugin Not Yet Installed

If you have upgraded from an older Plesk version to Plesk Obsidian, the Domain Connect plugin may not be installed yet. In this case, you can simply install the plugin afterwards:

  • In the navigation bar, click Extensions.

  • In the Most Popular section, click Domain Connect. Alternatively, you can search for this plugin.

  • Click Install.

    Domain Connect is installed.


Please check the DNS settings of your IONOS domain if you cannot automatically connect your IONOS domain to Plesk via Domain Connect. Make sure that you have created a CNAME record with the hostname _domainconnect and the value