You have created a website with Google Sites and want to link it to your domain? Our step-by-step guide shows you how.


You have confirmed ownership of your domain in the Google Search Console.

  • Log in to Google Sites and open your project.
  • Go to Settings and click Custom Domains > Start setup.
  • Select Use a domain from third party and click Next.
  • Enter your domain and click Next.
  • Open a new tab in your browser and log in to your IONOS account. Then, in your IONOS account, complete the following steps:
    • Navigate to Menu > Domains & SSL.
    • Click the gear icon next to your domain and select DNS.
    • Click Add Record and then click CNAME.
    • Enter the following in the Hostname field: www
    • In the Points to: field, enter the following:
      (including the period at the end).
    • Click Save.
  • Switch back to your Google Sites project and click Done.

Your Google Sites project is now connected to your domain.