If the Domain Owner Dies

Disclaimer: The information provided by IONOS Internet, Inc. on this website is offered only as a general information service to the public. Because each issue or situation is different and unique, each person should seek their own legal advice for that particular situation from competent legal counsel.

The death of a family member or friend is a tragic loss for the bereaved. In such tragic times, administrative necessities may seem like an additional burden. If the deceased is a domain owner,  you may have questions such as: “How do I take over the domain?” or “What will happen to the company website?”

If the deceased did not make any arrangements that you are aware of, let us show you how to proceed.

Domains are associated with confidential information that IONOS must handle very carefully. Therefore IONOS grants domain access only to those persons who are legally authorized to act on behalf of the deceased, such as the estate executor.