Preparing a Domain Transfer with HostGator and Accessing the Authorization Code

This article will show you how to prepare your HostGator domain for a transfer to IONOS by disabling the transfer lock and the private registration option.

We will then show you how to access your authorization code from HostGator. You will need this code later to approve (authorize) the domain transfer on IONOS's end.


Certain domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .asia, .cc, .tv, etc.) must be registered under your name for at least 60 days before they can be transferred to a different provider.

Show all requirements for a successful domain transfer.

Disabling the Domain Transfer Lock with HostGator

For your protection, generic top-level domains (e.g. .com, .net, or .org) have a domain transfer lock activated by default.

Before you start the domain transfer, you must disable this domain transfer lock.

Disabling (Cancelling) Private Registration with HostGator

If you are using private registration (referred to as "ID Protect" at HostGator) for your domain, you must disable it before you start the domain transfer.

Accessing the Authorization (EPP) Code from HostGator

Once you have disabled the domain transfer lock and private registration for your domain, you can access your authorization code (also known as an EPP Code or Authorization Key) from HostGator.

You will need this authorization code later to approve (authorize) the domain transfer on IONOS's end.

Continuing the Domain Transfer with IONOS

You have successfully prepared your domain and can now continue the domain transfer on IONOS's end.

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