Ordering a Domain as an IONOS Customer

As an IONOS customer, you can add as many domains to your contracts as you need – either as an included domain or an additional domain, depending on the contract. We recommend that you start the domain order in your IONOS account since the ordered domain will be added directly to your current contracts.

Starting in IONOS

If you start your order after logging into IONOS, the ordered domain is added to your existing contract. If you already have multiple contracts, you can select the contract in which you want to add your new domain beforehand. Both options can be important because your domain and the application you want to use with your domain must be in the same contract.

If you order a domain without logging in to IONOS, the domain will be created in a new, separate contract.

Ordering a Domain

On the Domains & SSL page, click the blue Add Domain button. If you have multiple contracts with IONOS, please first select the contract to which you want to add your new domain. You will then be brought to our IONOS Customer Shop.

Later in the order process, we will determine whether the domain qualifies as an included domain or an additional domain. Should any costs apply, we will let you know.

Log In and Add a DomainAdd a Domain

Please Note

Your domain order is not complete until you continue to the shopping cart, checkout, and then click the Order Now button on the Your Summary page. The domain will then be automatically added to the contract you selected. Depending on the Top-Level Domain (TLD), it may take up to 48 hours before the domain is displayed on your Domains & SSL page.

Securing Additional Domain Extensions

If you already own a domain and want to use it for your company, you should protect your brand. Additional domain name extensions, also known as top-level domains, let you ensure that visitors land on your website if they enter a different domain name extension. On the Details page for your selected domain, you can see which other extensions are still available.

You can use the following button to display the details about a domain. In the central area of the page, you can find a selection of available extensions that match your selected domain.

Log In and View Your Domain DetailsView Your Domain Details