This article will show you how to transfer your domain to another contract within the same account in just a few minutes. This may be necessary, for example, if a certain product requires that the domain be contained in the same contract or if you want to consolidate contracts.


We can perform domain transfers within the same account for you almost completely automatically. This has the following advantages:

  • Move the domain in a few minutes: There are not the longer waiting times that can happen, for example, when transferring a domain to another provider.

  • The settings you have for private registration, domain transfer lock, subdomains, and DNS settings are automatically re-applied. You do not have to adjust anything during the domain transfer.


The domain transfer affects the following settings and connected products:

  • The usage type of your domain is reset.
    Tip: After the domain transfer, you can edit the usage type of your domain.

  • Connections to email clients are broken until the email addresses are recreated in the destination contract.

  • Any associated email addresses are renamed as backup addresses. You can find instructions on how to migrate emails between the backup address and the recreated address here.

The billing period for your domains remains the same

If you transfer an additional domain, the next billing will continue as usual with the next registration renewal of your domain. If you transfer an included domain, it will be billed for the first time with the next renewal.

Starting a Domain Transfer in Your IONOS Account

To transfer your domain to another contract within the same account:

  • Open the Transfer a Domain to Another Contract page.

  • Select your domain.
    Tip: Enter the name of your domain in the search field to find your domain faster.

  • You can now select the destination contract you want.

  • To continue, click To the Shop.

    You will be redirected to the customer store.

  • In the customer store, we will let you know if and when costs for the continued registration of the domain in the target contract will be incurred. To continue, click on To the Checkout.

    You will receive a final summary of your order.

  • In order to proceed, we need your confirmation that you have read our Terms and Conditions (incl. Cancellation Policy) and Privacy Policy and agree with their validity. To do so, activate the checkbox in front of the corresponding option.

  • To move your domain into the target contract, click Buy Now.

Your domain will now be transferred to the desired contract. It may take a few minutes for the process to complete.