Email Archiving Overview

Simple - Automatic - Legally Compliant

We support you in archiving your emails securely
and from any number of IONOS email accounts.

Suitable for companies and private users.

All emails of all your selected email accounts - sent or received - are automatically saved in the email archive in their original state including attachments after activation.

Your business and private correspondence is
automated and
digitally archived in a secure manner.

Legally compliant. Secure.

The fact is that archiving business emails on external hard disks or via simple email forwarding is far from sufficient to meet all legal requirements.

Too quickly an email is accidentally deleted, an email attachment has been forgotten, or the email can be manipulated.

IONOS Email Archiving is a convenient solution that helps you to comply with legal requirements.

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Revision-proof. Safe from manipulation.

From the day you set up email archiving, your emails will be archived securely and unaltered in their original state in one of our German data centres. Once email archiving has been activated, your emails are stored in a tamper-proof manner and are then available in the email archive in accordance with the legally binding criteria.

Practical: If you have accidentally deleted an email from your inbox, it is still contained in the archive and can be restored at any time. The deletion of individual emails from the archive can only be done by a data protection officer whose access is logged.

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Flexible. Individual.

The email archiving applies to any number of email accounts, any number of domains belonging to a customer at IONOS - an order per mailbox is therefore not necessary. Of course, you can also use email archiving for all IONOS email addresses that you set up later.

Allow external users to access your email archive through individual role/rights management, such as an auditor at the tax office to view the stored emails.

The 5 GB of storage space can never be full, because it automatically grows at favourable conditions per additional GB.

Of course, email archiving also works if you manage your emails with Microsoft Outlook or other email programs.

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You can find more tips, settings, and other useful information about Email Archiving in the Email Archiving Product Guide.