Currently IONOS Email Archiving is supported for the following IONOS email products:

  • Mail Basic

  • Mail Business

  • Microsoft Exchange 2019

Additionally, IONOS Email Archiving can be used in combination with the following products:

  • IONOS Web Hosting products

  • IONOS MyWebsite Essential

  • IONOS MyWebsite Business

  • IONOS MyWebsite Shop

  • Domains

You also have the option of archiving email accounts from other email providers as long as they support IMAP.

Please Note

IONOS Email Archiving does not support Microsoft Exchange 2013. If you want to use IONOS Email Archiving, we recommend that you upgrade your Exchange accounts to Microsoft Exchange 2019. Alternatively, you can add your Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailbox as an external email account to Email Archiving.

The Email Archiving is a subscription and is contract-compatible.

What this means for you:

All contracts in your account including all domains contained within them can be archived in the contract in which you have activated Email Archiving.