Supported Email Archiving Products

Currently, Email Archiving is supported for the following IONOS products:

  • Mail Basic
  • Mail Business

In addition, Email Archiving can be used in combination with the following products:

  • IONOS Web Hosting Products
  • IONOS MyWebsite (Essential)
  • IONOS MyWebsite (Business)
  • IONOS MyWebsite (eCommerce)
  • Domains

Email Archiving is a subscription service and can be used across multiple contracts.

What this means for you: All contracts in your account and all associated domains can be archived into a single archive.


We are working on making IONOS Email Archiving available as quickly as possible in other IONOS products, such as:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • OX App Suite
  • Microsoft 365
  • G Suite by Google Cloud

As soon as IONOS Email Archiving is possible for the above products, we will update this article accordingly.

Many more tips, settings, and other useful information about Email Archiving can be found in the Email Archiving Product Guide.