Using Email Archiving for Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2019

With Email Archiving, you can securely archive Microsoft Exchange 2019 accounts in accordance with legal data requirements.

Please Note

Email Archiving does not support Microsoft Exchange 2013. To use Email Archiving, you can upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2019. Alternatively, you can add your Microsoft Exchange 2013 mailbox to Email Archiving as an external mailbox.

Archiving of Additional Mail Basic, Mail Business, and External Email Accounts

With Email Archiving, you can securely store not only Microsoft Exchange 2019 accounts but also emails from Mail Basic, Mail Business, and external email accounts.

Archiving of Email and Microsoft Exchange 2019 Accounts that are in Other Contracts

Email Archiving is a subscription and contract-compatible. This means for you:

You can use Email Archiving for any number of Microsoft Exchange 2019 accounts and for any number of Mail Basic or Mail Business accounts in the same IONOS Customer ID.

Searching for Emails Archived for a Microsoft Exchange 2019 Account

To search for emails archived for an Microsoft Exchange 2019 account, you need to select the appropriate Microsoft Exchange 2019 archive on the Email Overview page. You can then search for the desired emails.

You can find additional information here:

Using the Search Functions in Email Archiving

GDPR-Compliant Deletion of Emails

In order to delete GDPR-compliant emails that are in the archive for Microsoft Exchange 2019 accounts, you have to invite a user for this archive and assign them the role of Data Protection Officer.

You can find more information on the GDPR-compliant deletion of emails here:

Deleting Emails as a Data Protection Officer

Certification According to IDW PS 880

Email Archiving is certified according to IDW PS 880. It meets all legal compliance, security, and control requirements. From the customer's point of view, both software development and software thus meet the requirements of legal and manipulation security in accordance with IDW PS 880. This testing standard (PS) for testing software products from the Institute of Auditors (IDW) has been in force since 2010.

You can find the certificate that a software test has been carried out here:

Software Certification According to IDW PS 880 IDW RS FAIT I