What are the Mass Mailing Limits?

Using the IONOS Mail servers, there are restrictions in place primarily as a security precaution against SPAM, among other reasons. Please see below for the applicable limits based on your email product.

Mail Basic and Mail Business Sending Limits

Age of Contract Number of Emails/hr
1-7 days 50
8-14 days 100
15-30 days 400
> 30 days 5000

Microsoft Exchange Sending Limits

  Exchange 2013 Exchange 2019
Message Limit 10 Emails/min. 10 Emails/min


Email Type Recipients per Email
Mail Basic 200 incl. CC and BCC
Mail Business 200 incl. CC and BCC
Microsoft Exchange 2013 500 incl. CC and BCC (contact groups or mailing lists are considered 1 recipient)

** The maximum number of different recipients that you can send emails to within a 24-hour time frame for Microsoft Exchange 2013 accounts is 1000. Contact groups or mailing lists are considered 1 recipient.

Microsoft Exchange 2019 Recipient Rate Limits

Age of Contract Emails per day
1-7 days 1,000
8-14 days 2,000
> 14 days 20,000
Please Note

Before sending, ensure that you have included an unsubscribe link in the communication. This protects your mailings against being flagged as SPAM.