Creating a Mailing List

After logging in to IONOS, you can create new mailing lists at any time. Every member of a mailing list can send a message to all other members without knowing their email addresses.

Guided Steps

  • Log in to IONOS and click on the email & Office tile on the Select Product page.
  • If you have multiple contracts, select the contract in which you want to create the mailing list.
  • In the Portfolio tile, click Create Mailing Lists next to the entry.
  • Here you can make the settings for your mailing list:
    • Email address of the mailing list: Enter a new e-mail address for your new mailing list that has not yet been set up.

    • Moderator's email address: Enter the moderator's email address.

    • Set the write permissions, release settings and language according to your requirements.

    • Write a greeting text and an opt-out confirmation

  • Finish by clicking  Save.

You have created a mailing list.