Editing Email Settings

Learn how to change your email account type, set up an out-of-office message, add virus protection, and other email settings.


  • Log in to IONOS and select Email.
  • Click the Email Address to access its settings.
  • You will now see an overview of the settings available for your email address. To edit a setting, simply click on the appropriate line and then make the desired change.
Setting Description
Email Address Changes your email address while keeping all emails and settings. It's possible to change only the name of your email, or the use another domain at any time.
Type Changes your email account type. Switch between Mail Basic and Mail Business at any time.
Password Sets a new password for your email account.
Forwarding Address Forwards emails to up to 10 separate email accounts.
Premium Virus Protection Enables or disables automatic scanning of your emails attachments for viruses. With virus protection enabled, attachments containing viruses will be automatically deleted.
Anti-SPAM Enables or disables spam protection that protects the account from unwanted advertising emails.
Autoresponder Enables or disables the sending of automatic, pre-written replies to incoming emails. This is useful to inform the sender that you will not be able to view your email or reply until a later date.
Email Storage View the amount of space currently used by your email account and upgrade to a larger storage capacity if needed.