Creating Public Folders in Mail Business Accounts

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Set up public folders in your Mail Businessmailbox.

Public folders allow you to easily share appointments, tasks, and contacts with other Mail Businessusers.

Step 1

Log into your Mail Business account.

Step 2

On the menu, click the area for which you want to create a public folder.

step 3

In the following we will show you how to create a public address book. However, you can transfer these steps directly to calendars or tasks.

Click New Public Folder.

Please note: A public address book called "Global Address Book" already exists. This is maintained automatically and contains the contact data of your Mail Business users. Therefore, you cannot edit this folder or import additional contacts there.

Step 4

Specify the desired folder name and click Add Folder.

The new folder is immediately displayed in the Public section.

Step 5

Now you can check or adjust the access authorizations. To do this, click on the folder name and choose Permissions from the context menu.

Step 6

You now get an overview of the current rights of all Mail Business users.

You can set the rights for each user separately. Either with the help of predefined roles, or according to the respective function. For example, a guest may only read, but not edit texts. Authors can only edit their own texts, while administrators can also change the texts of others in the folder. Save to save your changes.