Our goal is to ensure the reliability of your Microsoft Exchange packages provided by IONOS and provide assistance with all IONOS interfaces, products, and your questions.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance at any time. The representative will determine the feasibility of your request and provide a cost estimate for services outside of the regular scope of support (if applicable).

Services Included Out-of-Scope
Ordering or cancelling your email products  
Helping create, edit, and delete email addresses in your IONOS account  
Helping set up your Exchange account in Microsoft Outlook  
Explaining how to set up your Exchange account as POP/IMAP in desktop clients  
Helping to change your Exchange password  
Helping access and use the Outlook Web App  
Helping access and use the Exchange Administration Tool/xAdmin  
Explaining how to download your included version of Outlook  
Helping set up Exchange on your smartphone  
Making sure you can create, send, and receive emails  
Helping set up signatures, redirects, filter rules, and automatic replies  
Explaining how to add file attachments  
Walking you through gathering email headers  
Explaining your available security settings  
Researching and explaining security incidents involving your email (suspected hacking, phishing, or mail spoofing)  
Answering questions about your storage limit  
Microsoft-software-specific questions, unless explicitly stated above  
Troubleshooting errors caused by other email providers  
Making changes to the Allow/Blocklist on behalf of the customer  
Answering legal questions about email  
Troubleshooting network problems in your infrastructure  
Assisting with the use of third-party email clients (with the exception of setting up IONOS mailboxes, see above)  
Assisting with the use of third-party email accounts or services  
Provisioning of mail logs  

Premium Services

Email Recovery Service

If you've accidentally lost or deleted emails in your Microsoft Exchange accounts, they may still be recoverable within a certain period of time through our Email Recovery Service.

To order this service, please contact our Support team.