Setting Up a Mail Basic Account in Thunderbird

For Mail Basic accounts

Learn how to send and receive emails from your IONOS Mail Basic account in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.


Guided Steps

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • In the  Thunderbird Mail - Local Folders > Accounts > Set up an account section, click Email.

Thunderbird Startup Screen with Set up Email highlighted
  • Enter your name, email address, and password.

  • Recommended: Leave the checkbox in front of Remember Password checked. Only uncheck the box if you want to enter your password each time you send and receive emails.

  • Confirm your entries with Continue. Thunderbird now searches for the email servers in the Mozilla ISP database and enters the settings automatically.

Thunderbird email setup window
Please Note
  • If the automatic setup fails, please skip to Step 8.

  • Select whether you want to retrieve your email by IMAP or POP3. IMAP is recommended.

  • Click Create Account.

If Thunderbird was able to detect your settings, your account is now successfully created and ready to use.

Otherwise, if Thunderbird was not able to detect your settings, please proceed below.

  • For the Incoming drop-down menu, select IMAP or POP3. IMAP is recommended.

  • Enter the following information in the remaining fields:

  Server Hostname Port SSL Authentication
Incoming 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password
Outgoing 587 STARTTLS Normal Password
  • For the Incoming and Outgoing Username fields, enter the full email address.

  • Click the Retest button to make sure all of the settings are entered correctly.

  • If the test failed, recheck all of your entries. Otherwise, click Done to finish.