Set Up a Mail Business Account on Android Devices

Mail Business gives you access to all your email, calendar, and contacts on your Android smartphone or tablet wherever you go. This article will show you how to set up your Mail Business account on an Android smartphone or Android tablet.

    Please Note

    Due to the large number of different and/or modified Android versions, you may not be able to follow all of the steps exactly as presented. These steps were determined on a device using Android version 9.

    Step 1

    Open the Settings (typically a gear icon).

    Step 2

    Go to the Accounts.

    Step 3

    Tap Add Account.

    Step 4

    Select Exchange (or Exchange ActiveSync).

    Step 5

    Enter your email address and tap Next.

    Step 6

    Enter your password and tap Next.

    Step 7

    Tap OK to confirm the autodiscover redirect request.

    Step 8

    All of the necessary settings should be entered automatically, so you can simply tap Next to proceed.

    If the settings have not shown up, please enter the following:

    • Server:
    • Port: 443
    • Security Type: SSL/TLS
    Step 9

    Tap OK to confirm the required remote security administration.

    Step 10

    Tap Activate this device admin app.

    Step 11

    Optionally, you can change the default Account Name that is displayed on your sent messages. Tap Next to finish the setup process.

    Manual Setup

    If you do not want to use our configuration service (Autodiscover) - or if the automatic setup does not not work for you - please apply the following settings:

    • Email address: Your email address
    • Server address:
    • Domain: Your email domain - e.g.
    • Username: The name part of the email address (the part before the @ sign) - e.g: for, the username would be johnsmith
    • Port number: 443
    • Security: TLS or SSL (depending on which setting is available in your email app)

    Please note: Your device may not have separate fields for domain and username. For example, if there is only a single field called User/Domain (or similar), enter your full email address in that field.