Using HiDrive as Backup Storage for Plesk

Using the Plesk Backup Manager, you can quickly and easily back up and automate your Plesk configuration and websites.

Advantages of IONOS HiDrive:

  • Secure data transmission with FTPS
  • Maximum protection for your data: All of our data centers are operated in Germany and meet the ISO 27001 standard.
  • With HiDrive, there is no limit for the number of files and folders and no limit for the file sizes. You can use the available storage space for your backups without any restrictions.

To use HiDrive as backup storage, you must first activate HiDrive and set up your HiDrive user account. You can then add HiDrive in Plesk as remote storage and manage your backups in the Plesk Backup Manager.

Activating HiDrive

To activate HiDrive, first set up a HiDrive user account:

  • Log in to IONOS.

  • Click on the Hosting tile in the product overview.

  • Click Activate in the tile of your HiDrive.

  • Enter the desired HiDrive user name in the User name field.

  • Enter the desired user password in the fields provided.

  • Click Next.

  • Enter your first and last name.

  • Enter your email address.

  • Click Next. Your HiDrive will now be activated.

  • You will automatically be logged into the HiDrive administration area with the newly created user.

  • Optional: Use the HiDrive administration area to create a subfolder for your WordPress backups.

  • Click Logout at the top right to leave the HiDrive administration area.

Please Note
  • Please do not deactivate the FTP protocol in your HiDrive account since it will be required for the connection with Plesk in the later steps.
  • The backup function available in the HiDrive user interface refers to HiDrive itself and can be used optionally. However, backup settings made in HiDrive have no influence on the backup configuration selected with the Plesk Backup Manager.

Configuring Remote Storage in Plesk

After you have activated HiDrive, you can set up your cloud storage in Plesk as remote storage:

  • Open the Plesk management interface of your WordPress Pro product.
  • Click Tools in the left navigation bar.
  • In the Plesk Management pane, click Backup Manager.
  • Click Remote Storage Settings.
  • Click FTP.
  • Activate the option Use FTP storage.
  • In the FTP server hostname or IP * field, type:
  • In the Directory for backup files storage field, enter the complete path to your backup directory. Example: /users/jsmith/backups
    Note: To find the path to your backup directory, open HiDrive and change to your backup directory. Now move your mouse pointer over the folder name at the top; a tooltip will open showing the complete directory path.
  • Enter your HiDrive user name in the FTP username* field.
  • Enter the password of your HiDrive user in the FTP password* field.
  • Activate the Use passive mode option.
  • Activate the Use FTPS option.
  • Click OK.

Creating a backup with Backup Manager

If you have set up HiDrive as remote storage, you can use the Plesk Backup Manager to create backups of your Plesk environment and WordPress instances.

  • Open the Plesk Backup Manager.

  • Click Back Up.

  • In the Back up area, choose which data you want to save.

  • In the Store area, select the FTP connection created for your HiDrive.

  • For Type, select the desired backup method. Full creates a complete backup of all data/files, Incremental saves the changes made since the last full backup.

  • Optional: Enter a description text for your backup in the Comments field.

  • Optional: Activate the Exclude log files option to exclude all log files (access_log, error_log etc.) from the backup.

  • Optional: Enable the Exclude specific files from the backup option, if you want to exclude certain directories or files of your website from backup.

  • Optional: Enable the option When a backup task i completed, send a notification email to.

  • Optional: Enable the Suspend domains until the backup task is completed option, if you want to prevent users from making changes to website content or settings during backup.

Scheduled Backups

In addition to individual backups, Plesk also offers the ability to create scheduled backups. Here you can specify when and how often the backup should be performed, such as every day at midnight. In this way, backups can be automated. To schedule a backup, click Schedule in the Plesk Backup Manager.

Additional Information

For more information about using the Plesk Backup Manager, see the official Plesk documentation here: