With HiDrive and the Plesk Backup Manager, you can create backups of your Plesk configuration and managed websites. This article explains how to do that.

Please note that there are separate articles for the backups of HiDrive cloud storage and device backups (Android, iOS, Windows).

  • Active FTP protocol. This is available in the HiDrive Pro package or by adding additional protocols to another HiDrive package.
  • A HiDrive folder in which the Plesk data is stored.

Connecting HiDrive and Plesk

  • Open Plesk.

  • In the left navigation, click Tools & Utilities > Plesk Management > Backup Manager.

  • Click the Remote Storage Settings > FTPS(S) button.

  • Fill in the fields.

  • Complete your entry by clicking OK.

Field Entry
Use FTP(S) Storage Check this box
FTP Server Hostname or IP ftp.hidrive.ionos.com
Directory for Backup Files Storage Full path to the HiDrive folder you want to backup to. To find the path, open HiDrive and go to the appropriate folder. Move your mouse pointer over the folder name. A tooltip shows the path to be entered.
FTP username Your HiDrive username
FTP password Your HiDrive user password
Use passive mode Check this box
Use FTPS Check this box

Setting Up Backups with the Plesk Backup Manager

To start a backup, open Plesk. In the left navigation, click Tools & Utilities > Plesk Management > Backup Manager > Back Up and configure the settings as described below:

Field Entry
Back up Select which data will be backed up.
Store in Set the previously created HiDrive FTP connection.
Type Choose a full or incremental backup.
Comments Description text for your backup.
Exclude log files Excludes all log files, e.g. access_log or error_log, from the backup.
Exclude specific files Excludes specific directories or files of your website from the backup.
When a backup task is completed, send a notification email to Enter an email address that will be notified when the backup is complete.
Suspend domains until the backup task is completed Prevents users from making changes to the content or settings of websites during the backup.

Scheduled Automatic Backups Through Plesk

Use Tools & Utilities > Plesk Management > Backup Manager > Schedule to create a schedule for creating your backups.

Additional Information

For more information on using Plesk's Backup Manager, please see the official Plesk documentation.