In this article, we'll explain the Performance Settings available for you when activating a IONOS CDN or CDN Plus package.


Rather than selecting each of the settings manually, you can apply one of the following preset profiles:

  • The Basic profile offers you the benefits of a global content delivery network (CDN). On average a website will load twice as fast. This is the safest profile that is least likely to interfere with any page resources.
  • In addition to the CDN benefits, the Advanced profile offers basic web content optimization. This profile is appropriate for websites that want more performance than a basic CDN but may have issues with the full optimization.
  • The Expert profile is recommended for WordPress. In addition to the CDN and basic optimizations, you get full web content optimization for a better website performance. This profile is appropriate for websites that want a faster performance.

Performance Settings

Setting Explanation
Caching Level Use the caching level to determine how much content on your website is to be cached. • Basic: Resources accessed using a query string are not cached. • Advanced: Resources accessed using a query string are cached, but the query string is ignored. • Maximum: Resources are cached separately based on their query string.
Minimum TTL Define how long the content of your website should be cached on your visitors' computers.
Purge Cache Use this option to clear the content currently stored on the CDN servers if you want to make changes to your website immediately available to your visitors.
Purge Single File Rather than clearing the entire cache stored on CDN servers, you can enter the full URL to a single file you want to be deleted from the CDN.
Auto Minify Choose which content of your website (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) should be "minified" (optimized) to reduce script size and improve page loading speeds.
Rocket Loader™ Use the Rocket Loader to load JavaScripts of your website asynchronously.
Mirage™(Intelligent Image Loading) All images on the website are rendered to the size of the visitor's device and do not load unless they are actually viewed.
Polish™ Image Compression (for CDN Plus Packages only) Compress your images automatically for faster loading times.
Railgun™ (only in IONOS Performance and Managed Server packages) In addition to static content, this option enables fast loading of dynamic web content.