Security Settings for CDN Packages

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We explain the security settings you made when activatingIONOSyour CDN or CDN Plus package.

Setting Explanation
Security Profile Select Off, Low, Medium, High or On DDos attacks. The parameters described here change depending on the selected profile.  
Security level Je adapts to the selected profile in steps.
Session TTL Set the time available to users to access your website after a security measure, e.g. captcha input, has been completed.
Hide email addresses from search engine crawlers to prevent spam. The email addresses remain visible to regular visitors to your website.  
Server Side Excludes (SSE) Hide sensitive content from visitors that the system deems threatening.
Browser Integrity Checker A browser integrity check is performed by evaluating the HTTP threat signature headers. If a threat signature is found, the request is rejected.
Hotlink Protection Hotlink protection prevents operators of other websites from linking directly to images or files on your website.