For Linux Web Hosting packages

The Cron Job Manager is a web interface where you can easily create and manage cronjobs for your Linux Web Hosting package.

If you have scripts that you would like to run at specific times in order to automate tasks that would normally have to be done manually, you can schedule them using the the Cron Job Manager.


For example, if you run a WordPress website, then you can use the Cron Job Manager to run the file at set times. This script is used by WordPress to maintain your website, such as updating themes or plugins.

Accessing Crontab via SSH

While the Cron Job Manager provides you a simple interface to easily manage your cron jobs, you can still Create Cron Jobs using the Command Line.

Starting the IONOS Cron Job Manager

Log in to IONOS and click on Hosting. There you will find a link to the Cron Job Manager under More Features.