For Linux Web Hosting and Dedicated Managed Servers

With cron jobs, recurring tasks can be completed automatically on a set schedule.

The tasks must be saved as jobs in the Crontab file and are then executed automatically at the specified time. Each line of a crontab file represents a job and consists of a time and the (Linux) shell command to be executed. For a better overview, comment lines are possible that must begin with a hash character (#).


#Execute the test.php script every morning at 05:30
30 5 * * * * /usr/bin/php5 -f /homepages/dir1/htdocs/test.php

Cron Syntax
Position Description Values
1 Minute 0-59 (* = no value specified)
2 Dour 0-23 (* = no value specified)
3 Day of the Month 1-31 (* = no value specified)
4 Month 1-12 (* = no value specified)
5 Day of the Week 0-6 (* = no value specified)