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In this article, we'll show you which file names you can use for the starting page (Home page) of your website.

Hint: This article is primarily aimed at customers who are familiar with website programming. If you have created your website with WordPress or another CMS, for example, we recommend that you do not make any changes to the file name, as this can impair the function of your website.

What is a Home page?

The home page is an HTML document or script located in the same directory as your homepage. If no home page exists, the homepage cannot be read by visitors.

The following file names are listed according to the priority of the home page requests. This means that, for example, if there is an index.html and a default.html in your webspace in the same directory at the same time, the file index.html is called by default if someone just visits your root domain (

These file names are supported by our server:

Linux Hosting
  • index.html
  • welcome.html
  • index.htm
  • welcome.htm
  • index.wml
  • index.shtml
  • index.php6
  • index.php5
  • index.php4
  • index.php3
  • index.php
  • index.cgi
  • home.wml
  • home.shtml
  • home.php4
  • home.html
  • home.htm
  • home.cgi
  • default.html
  • default.htm
  • baustelle.html
Windows Hosting
  • default.html
  • default.htm
  • default.asp
  • default.aspx
  • home.htm
  • home.html
  • home.asp
  • home.aspx
  • index.htm
  • index.html