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With just a few clicks, MSSQL databases can be created in IONOS.

MSSQL is a powerful database system that is tailored for use in Microsoft hosting.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS.

Step 2

Under Hosting, click Microsoft SQL Database

Step 3

You are now in MSSQL administration. Here you can create, edit and delete new databases.

Click New Database.

Step 4

You will now be asked to set a password. You will need this later to access the database. Optionally, you can enter a database description. However, this is for your own information only. Then click Set Up.

Please note: The password cannot be viewed later for security reasons. You can set a new password at any time via the MSSQL administration.

Step 5

While the database is being set up in the background, the access data is already displayed once. These include the database, server and user names.

Choose Go to overview to return to MSSQL management.

The database should be available within the next few minutes. You can see the current status at any time in the database overview in the MSSQL administration.