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If an error occurs during database import, or if the results are not as expected, one of the following cases may be causing interference:

  • The database to be imported must not contain any definable user rights, user and group definitions. If you currently have your database connected to your own user group file, you should import all tables from the protected database into a new Access database. Then repeat the import process.

  • Integrated tables and queries must first be copied to the database.

  • Indexes on yes/no fields are not possible in SQL Server and are therefore ignored.

  • Hyperlinks are not defined in SQL Server. Columns defined as hyperlinks will become text fields with the contents enclosed by HTML tags.

  • All function calls within the table definition are ignored. Only validity rules, messages defined in the table definition, and defined default values that do not require a function call are transferred (i.e. expressions such as =date() are ignored).