For Windows Web Hosting packages

Learn how to export your MSSQL database to a .bak file, so that you can restore your database at a later time if needed.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select Hosting.

Step 2

Click Manage in the MSSQL Database section.

Step 3

From the Import/Export section, click Export.

Step 4
  • In the Database field, select the database you want to export.
  • In the Directory field you can select the directory on the web space in which the export file is stored.
  • In the File name field, enter the file name to use for the export file.
  • In the Format field you can activate ZIP compression.
Step 5

Click Export to start the export.

The export file is created and stored on the web space in the directory specified in step 4.

As long as the export process is running, it is displayed in the overview. The duration of the export now depends on the database size and the general system load. As a rule, however, the export should be completed within a few minutes.