For IONOS Web Hosting and Managed Server packages

With the phpMyAdmin tool integrated in your IONOS account, you can create full backups of your databases with just a few clicks:

  • Open the database you want to backup with phpMyAdmin.
  • Click on the database name in the top-left corner to select your database.
  • Click Export in the menu bar.
  • Optional: Select an export method.

For data backups larger than 1GB (Gigabyte), the restore must be done through SSH access. Otherwise the restore will fail due to a timeout. 

Please Note

  • If you have limited knowledge/experience with SQL and want to easily back up the entire contents of your database, we recommend that you use the Quick export method (default setting).
  • Optional: Select the export format.

Please Note

  • If you want to export for backup purposes and do not have any special format requirements, we recommend that you use the SQL format (default setting).
  • To start the export, click OK.

    A backup of your data will now be saved in the download directory set in your browser. Depending on the size of the database and the speed of your connection, this process may take some time.

If you have chosen the settings "Fast" and "SQL", all data will be saved in a single backup file with the extension .sql. Example: db12345678.sql

Alternative Backup Methods

If the export via phpMyAdmin does not succeed, you can try to perform the backup through a PHP script or via SSH access.