To ensure the fast performance and smooth flow of your MySQL or MariaDB queries, we recommend that you observe the following points:

  • Reasonably Using the Database Servers
    Do not use the databases for so-called high-load applications (e.g. chat systems, log evaluations, ad clicks, banner exchanges, etc.). When programming, please make sure that there is not too much load on the database servers, which you can do, for example, by using indexes wherever possible. By doing so, you'll be contributing to an overall higher performance.
  • Exceeding the Database Storage Quota
    In our current packages, you get 2 GB of storage space per database. If you exceed this limit, write access to the database will be automatically locked until the limit is no longer met. However, these storage quota updates are delayed during night hours, so you may not be able to edit the database again until the day after a database cleanup, despite having created a sufficient quota.

    For Managed Servers as of 09/2022: If you create a MySQL 5.7 database, you now have 5 GB of storage available.
  • Security Restrictions
    Our database servers are only directly accessible through your websites and not via ODBC or something similar from your local computer. This restriction serves to protect your data from external attacks.
  • Other Limits
    When planning the use of an application, please note that you can establish a maximum of 18 parallel connections to a database.

    For Managed Servers as of 09/2022: If you create a MySQL 5.7 database, it now supports 40 parallel connections.